1. What does Outsource2Kosovo do?

Outsource2Kosovo.net is a platform brought to you by STIKK (Kosovo ICT Association) with the aim to promote Kosovar ICT companies with a potential to outsource/nearshore.

2. How do I find the perfect partner in Kosovo?

Use the Business Lead Generator (http://outsource2kosovo.net/en/business-lead/), where you put your company information and your requirements for outsourcing. After your submission, you will get notified with an email of confirmation and you will be contacted by our agent as soon as possible.

3. Where do I find Kosovo Company details?

You find the details under the "Kosovo Companies" page (http://outsource2kosovo.net/en/kosovo-companies/), where you find the list of our ICT companies and by clicking on the company you can find out more about them.

4. How to apply as a Kosovo company?

If you are a Kosovo ICT company and want to become part of the Outsource2Kosovo platform, go to the Register button (http://outsource2kosovo.net/en/register/) and fill the form with your company information. You will get a confirmation email of your registration. After our agent validates your company, you will receive an email if you have been approved to be published on the portal at the "Kosovo Companies" page (http://outsource2kosovo.net/en/kosovo-companies/).

4. How do I sign up for Newsletters?

At the bottom of Home Page you can find the Newsletter section where you can subscribe by putting your email in the section “Sign up for newsletters”.

5. Where is the Outsource2Kosovo founder, STIKK, located?

STIKK (Kosovo ICT Association) is located in Prishtina, Kosovo (str. Rexhep Mala 28A).