Sogody is a  digital development & experiences  company  with headquarters in Prishtina, Kosovo and with representation in London, United Kingdom. This near-sourcing strategy helps the company create cost-effective solutions developed by an easily reachable team. Our determination to deliver every service with high quality is an element embedded deep down in our company culture and professional character that we tend to follow endlessly. At Sogody you can find a team of dedicated leaders, developers, designers and marketers, who are distinct and intuitive in their own way.

Company Details

  • Annual Turnover* 50,000-250,000
  • Foundation date* 2017-04-11
  • Number of employees* 11-50
  • Address * Agim Ramadani, D2, No. 6
  • City * Prishtinë
  • Country * Kosovo
  • Office Phone number 38349460555
  • Mobile number * 38349460555
  • Zip Code 10000

Company products *

Sogody is a company focused and working on developing, personalizing   and optimizing  digital experiences that encompass: Platform Development, Personalization & Optimization, and  Customer Experience Insights.  The service of Platform Development include:  Process Design + Engineering, Full Stack  Platforms  + Web Development,  SaaS Technology Consultation. The service of  Personalization & Optimization includes: Data-Driven Marketing + Personalization, Testing + Optimization Development, E-Commerce + Loyalty Platforms. The service of Customer Experience Insights includes: Customer Experience Mapping + Design, Analytics + Audience Discovery, Data Platforms + Reports. The team at Sogody are experts in  worldwide used  languages and technologies  like:  Ruby on Rails,  PHP,  Python,  JS, HTML, CSS,  WordPress,  Optimizely, Adobe Target,  Adobe Analytics,  Optimize 360,  Analytics  360,  Tag Manager 360, and many more.

Company Services

  • Big Data Systems
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Data Architecture and Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Website Development