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As a catalyst to the dynamic technology industry, STIKK accelerates growth and progress for the fast-paced economy, shaping the industry at large. STIKK provides a platform that unites technology leaders to connect and collaborate, and it avidly supports members who push the boundaries to propel technology forward. Striving towards the development of the ICT industry, STIKK implemented numerous projects aimed to promote the ICT sector of Kosovo, improve its regulatory framework, implement research and industry-specific analysis, and facilitate professional development of sector’s constituents. STIKK currently accounts for 90% of the whole ICT market of Kosovo.


The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) shall have a central role in stimulating the dynamic growth of the ICT sector in Kosovo, thereby opening up new opportunities and increasing competitiveness of the sector, within the country and abroad.


STIKK will help create a better ICT business environment by improving standards and educational opportunities, and advocating with the government on behalf of its members to ensure that the sector will attract new business and investment.